Designing Interdisciplinary Collections Internships for College Students

19 March 2015
3:00-4:00 p.m. EDT
Virtual meeting place:
Designing Interdisciplinary Collections Internships for College Students
Presenter: Emily Patton Smith, Collections Manager, Randolph College Natural HIstory Collections Project
Internships in managing natural history collections offer students the opportunity to expand on classroom learning and develop marketable skills in nearly every academic discipline. Extending the range of internship focus beyond "museum studies" or "biology" not only shapes new advocates for natural history collections among young professionals in many career fields, but also results in an innovative and dynamic team of interns. Collaborations with other academic disciplines can also expand possibilities for collections management funding. This webinar will examine ways to design internships that attract students in a multitude of major fields, such as history, studio art, business / marketing / economics, sociology, creative writing, journalism, forensics, photojournalism / filmmaking, web design, and much more. Using the example of the Natural History Collections Project (NHCP) at Randolph College, we will look at ways to better utilize the full potential of small collections as resources for hands-on experience and creative inspiration at the undergraduate level.
Power Point presentation in pdf.